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Secretary's Desk

Secretary's Desk



My heartily greetings to all students for a very successful and a challenging career. Our journey of providing world–class education was triggered off in 1985 with a Pharmacy College, and today we have fulfilled our dream of expanding our horizon to other realms of higher education too. Today, we have a pharmacy college, a nursing college, a physiotherapy college, a degree college, management school, a pre–university college, a residential PU college and an International School under our wings. We encourage our students to not only have a great academic career but also boost participation in extracurricular activities and sports. Our entire effort has gone towards making our academic structure not just purely academic, but a value–added,rewarding and enriching experience.

We at Krupanidhi have always felt that it was our moral duty to produce responsible and quality students and have had a vision to produce students who can make a difference to the world around them. Being engaged in the business of polishing students in order for them to have a promising career, Krupanidhi has been metamorphosing assets–in–waiting to assets–in–action over the past three decades. Through hand–picked faculty, great physical infrastructure and an effective teaching system based on the principles of the modern Gurukul system, we have provided the very best platform for our students to build their personalities and rake up a long list of academic and extracurricular achievements. I'm sure that with all the input given to the students by the qualified and experienced faculty at Krupanidhi, combined with excellent infrastructure, the students will turn out to be great assets to any organization.

We at Krupanidhi inculcate in our students a passion and drive for learning that will bring about the individuality they need to make a positive impact to the society around them. The conducive, enjoyable, intellectually challenging and energizing atmosphere at Krupanidhi fosters leadership qualities and creativity required for the development of a versatile personality. We welcome you at Krupanidhi to dream, explore and imagine, and promise you an unforgettable learning experience.

Warm regards

Prof. Sunil Samson Dhamanigi