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Code Of Conducts

Code Of Conducts

For the Students

  • Students should compulsorily wear ID Cards on all working days everywhere inside the campus and should produce them whenever is asked.
  • Punctuality and regularity in attendance is always insisted upon in the college. A student must possess a minimum of 75% of attendance, failing which he/she will not be permitted to appear for the Bangalore University Examinations.
  • Students should not involve in any kind of immoral, indecent, undisciplined behavior inside and outside the class. Any students found involve in any such activities will be rusticated from the college with immediate effect.
  • Ragging is a criminal offense leading to non-bailable arrest. Hence, any student involving in any form of physical and mental ragging of other students of the college will be rusticated from the college immediately with the legal action.
  • In view of the academic development, the students must attend all the regular tests, assignments, remedial classes and term exams etc., conducted by the college time to time. Parents/guardians should attend all the parent-teacher meetings held by the college. Students who want to participate in NSS/ Sports/ Cultural activities etc. should take written permission from Principal.
  • Students should compulsorily take gate passes issued by the Principal/coordinator/SWOwhile going out of the campus during the working hours.
  • Students should follow the norms of the college regarding the dress code especially uniform, footwear, haircut etc.
  • Students should attend the training sessions, seminars; value added programs, soft skill and corporate training and campus interviews arranged by the college.
  • Students must switch off the mobiles in the class rooms and laboratory.
  • Students should produce the leave letters, if they remain absent either for a day or more duly signed by the parents/guardian.
  • College working hours are between 9.00am to 4.30pm and all the students should attend all the academic, extra – curricular or sports activities organized by the college during this time.
  • Students should not bring any outsiders/friends/relatives to the college without the permission of the college authorities.
  • Damage to college property however small will not be condoned. Students or parents should bear the expenses of the breakage if any.
  • Parents should furnish the correct phone numbers and postal address in the college application form and any change in that should immediately be brought to the notice of the college authorities.
  • Parents/guardian should authorize (through an authorization letter) the persons whom they want to send to the college to collect the details, about the progress of their wards on their behalf.
  • Students should not involve in any form of the agitation, strike, grouping inside the campus and activities such as stopping the college buses etc. to put up their demands. Disciplinary or legal actions will be taken against students who involve in such activities.
  • However if the students have such grievances they can use the grievance box.
  • Students should patiently wait till the decisions are taken on the issues that they have requested for.
  • If any student found in any form of indiscipline, improper behavior, not abiding by college norms, may be rusticated form the college with immediate effect depending on the seriousness of the issues.

For the Employees

  1. Regarding Leaves, Bio-Metric Attendance and Appearance
    • Dress code
      • Male Staff: Formal pants, shirt and tie on all working days. Blazers after they are provided to the staff.
      • Female Staff: Sarees; Blazers after they are provided to the staff. Any temporary relaxation of the dress code will be communicated to the staff through a circular in due time.
      • The staff should present themselves in a dignified manner while in the college, by dressing up in a clean and appealing manner, having daily shave, timely haircuts, interacting with students and colleagues in English, developing presentable mannerisms and proper etiquette etc.
      • The staff should be regular to the work and punctual every day. Staff should not take leaves unnecessarily. All the staff are entitled to take 12 casual leaves per year starting from January till December. The staff who have completed the probationary period can take three casual leaves in addition to the leaves which they have in credit with prior permission from the Principal. Staff who is in probationary period can only take the leaves which they have in credit.
      • All the staff should adjust their classes properly with other staff of the department and give the adjustment details along with CL form while taking leaves. Casual Leaves will not be granted if the classes are not properly adjusted.
      • Special leaves more than three days will be given for medical or academic reasons only. In such cases the staff should give an application to the Principal along with proper proof. These leaves will be sanctioned after obtaining permission from the management.
      • However, in case any staff who leave the institution and if they already availed additional casual leaves of the year, those leaves will be considered as Loss of Pay. (For example, if a staff leaves in May, 2017 and has already taken 8 Casual Leaves, the CL for 5 months of the year will be considered and the rest of the 3 days will be considered as LOP).
      • The staff should avoid taking leaves with Loss of Pay, in addition to the Casual leaves allowed to them. LOPs may be allowed during unavoidable circumstances again with the discretion of the college management. Staff who take LOPs will not be considered for increments and promotions. In case the staff continues to take LOPs, they may even be terminated from the services of the college.
      • Bio-metric attendance is compulsory in the college and hence the staff should punch in by 9.00am in the mornings and punch out after 4.30pm in the evenings. Saturdays punching out after1.30pm. CL forms, OOD slips, Comp off permissions slips, Bus late detail slips etc. should be given to Mr. Madhu of accounts department on a daily basis to avoid marking absents and LOP. Three days late coming will result in half LOP.
      • Currently, the college working hours are between 9.00am and 4.30pm. Whenever the University exams are scheduled, the college timings and route bus timings also may get extended.
      • The staff are strictly informed not to carry mobile phones with them while going to class, tests or exam invigilation. Mobile phones may be used in the staff room or outside the academic block only. Strict action will be taken against the staff who operate mobile phones in the class rooms or in the corridors of the college building.
      • The Staff are strictly informed not to keep the mobile phones/money or valuables of the students with them at any time.
  2. Regarding Academic Responsibilities
    • All the staff should maintain the records such as, Students attendance register, lesson planning books, work done report, test registers, project and placement updates, even and extracurricular activity reports etc. systematically and updated at all given point of time and should submit to Principal on the last working day of every month for verification.
    • The Staff should conduct all the academic activities with utmost care and diligence, like preparation for the classes, completing portions on time as per lesson planning, conducting tests, re-tests and viva seriously and properly, conducting seminars, sessional exams, aptitude classes and other training programs for the students as per the instructions of the college authorities. Test registers and lesson planning books with portion completion details should be submitted to Principal on every Saturdays for verification and signature.
    • The Staff should ensure that the students are well disciplined in the college campus and classes. It is the responsibility of every staff to counsel, reprimand and corrects the students whenever required.
    • The Staff should maintain a well-balanced relationship with the students. They should not manhandle, should not use unparliamentarily words, nor insult students at any time.
    • All the Staff should prepare simple but standard notes in their respective subjects and also prepare question banks and handover to the Principal time to time. Blue prints of sessional exams should also be submitted to the Principal well in advance. Notes submitted to the college by the staff will be given to the students from the college after verifying the authenticity.
    • Staff should also uniform the Principal, coordinator and the heads of departments about the students who are irregular to classes. Students’ attendance registers should be marked and updated daily and maintained properly, systematically in progressive order and the same should be conveyed to the parents/guardian. Staff should submit the correct attendance shortage list of students to the college authorities, whenever asked, even with short notice.
    • Parent-teacher meeting will be held after the first sessional exams in every semester. The Staff should evaluate the answer scripts of the sessional exams and give the mark lists to the Heads of the Department. The class-teachers should prepare the marks cards. All the staff should be present during the parent-teacher meetings. No CL or LOP will be allowed on parent-teacher meeting day.
    • The Staff should clearly inform the students about the last dates for submission of assignments, projects, tests, research papers etc and also take initiative to get them completed in time.
    • The Staff should strictly follow the criteria laid down for allotting the internal marks to the students Eg. Sessionals, tests, attendance, assignments, projects and the discipline of the students. Each of the above components should have the proportional marks in the internals. No staff should allot the internal marks based on any one of the above components. The staff should not be biased while allotting the internal marks. They should be honest, just and impartial in this manner. Staff should always follow the policy, “deserving marks for deserving students”.
  3. Regarding NAAC, ISO and LIC Files
    • All the staff are informed to maintained, update and preserve all the registers, documents and files required for the applications and verification of the NAAC, ISO and LIC inspections.
    • All the staff should support in the preparation of the missing files for the NAAC, ISO and LIC inspections.
    • Staff should cooperate with the NAAC and ISO coordinators of college and college authorities in the preparation of every file required in this regard, even work from home whenever required to complete the work within the stipulated period of time.
    • Staff should keep every document and file ready and hand over to the Heads of the Department for any inspection from LIC Committee from University or other committee from UGC, NAAC, ISO, AICTE and other boards and authorities at all times.
  4. Regarding Research and Persuing DoctoratesEtc.
    • All the staff are informed to register for Ph.D. immediately, in case they have not yet registered and complete Ph.D. within three years.
    • All staff should present minimum two research papers every year, failing which they will not be eligible for increments and promotions.
    • All staff should update the research related work time to time, as per the instructions given by the research coordinators appointed by the college.
    • Any staff who takes the help from the college in terms of paid leaves, sponsorship of fees etc. for completing research or Ph.D should give a bond that they will work in our college for a minimum of three years after completing their research or Ph.D.
  5. Other Important Instructions
    • The college upholds ethical, moral and educational values, hence the college is a totally corruption free zone. Hence, no staff is permitted to collect any amount of money from other staff or students without the permission from the college management.
    • All official fee payments and fines collected by college or university are payable at the college cash counter only.
    • No staff is permitted to collect any form of bribe, fine etc., enticing students, parents or staff promising any kind of favors. Any staff found involving in such activities will be terminated from the college with immediate effect and legal action will be taken against them.
    • All the staff should respect the higher authorities and should obey all their instructions and orders pertaining to the official matters of the college. They should also keep a cordial relationship with all their colleagues, students and even the non-teaching staff.
    • During the employment all the staff members are subjected to rules and regulations and policies of the institution irrespective of whether such details are individually notified. The staff members should keep themselves updated with the organizational notification and if found guilty of violation of the rules, regulations and policies, they will be liable to face actions from the organization.
  6. Regarding submission of Original Certificates and Resignation, Notice Period Etc
    • All the staff members are informed to submit all the original marks cards and certificates of PG Course and Post PG courses in the college and taken an acknowledgement for the same.
    • All the documents other than the ones mentioned above (in case submitted to college) will be returned to the staff while signing the declaration regarding these instructions.
    • All the staff should serve notice period while leaving the institution. The minimum expected notice is three months. However the notice period will vary as per the terms mentioned in the appointment orders but the minimum of one month’s notice period should be served.
    • The staff should not disclose the confidential information of the college to outsiders at any given period of time. Staff should keep integrity, confidentiality, positive and esteemed opinion about the college while working in the institution.
    • All the staff members are further informed that they should abide by all the other instructions which will be given to them time to time by the college authorities, through circulars or orally.
  7. Regarding Intellectual Property Rights
    • The institution will retain ownership of all intellectual properties generated during the course of the staff members’ employment as part of your duties or associated responsibilities. All intellectual property rights on all ‘works’, generated or modified by the staff members, individually or as part of a team during the course of their employment and as a part of their employment will be wholly vested in the organization. By this contract they have also undertaken to sign any associated documents to further confirm the above ownership. Unless permitted by an explicit agreement the staff members are also bound to keep such matters confidential and shall use such ‘work for the sole benefit of the organization as required by their employment.