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Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work is a social work degree programme. Krupanidhi Group of institutions is one of the premiere colleges offering a MSW course in Bangalore. The uniqueness of this MSW degree programme lies in the amalgamation of theory and practical work. At the end of the course, the students emerge as well-rounded individuals and qualified social work professionals, ready to make their presence felt in their chosen fields.

An MSW education gives students the exposure of working with the common people and coming up with solutions to their everyday problems. The mind-set of a social work student is the first thing that needs to be aligned to the subject. A social worker is not reluctant to touch the diseased and neither does he feel uneasy when talking about sensitive issues like women’s health and sanitation. Apart from this, a social worker needs to be relatively stronger both mentally, emotionally and physically in order to confront the challenges that come with standing up for social causes.

The curriculum for most social work courses include both class-room theory sessions as well as practical exposure in the field for two days a week. This is to equip them with the theory necessary for field work as well as the practical exposure to existing realities. Desk-work is something a social worker must expect to do as much as spending time in the field. The environment of social work in reality is very different to the physical comforts of the corporate world. Although there are exceptions, one must be willing to face the hardships when aspiring to be a social worker.

Course Duration

2 years