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IQAC Summary

Since its inception the IQAC has been actively involved in improving the quality of education in the college. The significant efforts made by the committee towards this goal include the following:

  1. Preparation of the SSR report which serves as a self appraisal and feedback tool for improving the teaching –learning process.
  2. Conduct of various seminars and extra-curricular activities to make the learning process more holistic.
  3. Improving the overall college environment so as to make it more conducive to quality education.
  4. Attending various seminars on Quality education which further contributes to improving the teaching –learning process.
  5. Coordinating the efforts of various college committees to direct all efforts of the college towards improvement of teaching –learning process.
  6. Coordinating the activities of various college clubs like NSS, Commerce Club, IT Club etc.
  7. The most important way in which IQAC contributes to improvement in teaching –learning process is perhaps serving as a continuous mechanism for self improvement through critical self appraisal.