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Courses to add Human Values

Courses to add Human Values

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Culture, Diversity, and Society

B. Com, BCA



Business ethics

B. Com



Environment and Public health

B. Com , BBA



Indian Constitution and Human Rights




Personality Development




Entrepreneurship and Innovation




List and description of the courses which address the Gender, Environment and Sustainability

  • Culture, Diversity, and Society

             This subject involves the awareness on factors prevailing in Indian society, students realize about the culture, values, that are existing in the society and importance of standing against illegal and non-cooperative practices in the society.

              At the End of the Course the Students will be able to:

    • Understand the variety of cultures existing in Indian society.
    • Analyse the
    • Prepare to voice against discrimination, women ill-treatment, and corruption.
    • It helps student to become socially responsible.
  • Business ethics: differences that are prevailing in the society and the ways to overcome the differences.

             The prescribed subject provides an insight into stream of business ethics, its importance and relevance even during current corporate scenario. The subject also explains code of conduct and values   followed in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and technology fields in the organisation to ensure long term sustainability of the enterprise.

  • Introduces  to various terminology  and their importance in business ethics
  • Emphasises on  aspects of personal ethics and management
  • Covers basic over view of corporate culture and corporate governance
  • Familiarize students meaning and importance of business ethics in modern corporate field
  • To guide students to learn  various terminology and their importance in business ethics and personal ethics
  • To assist students to understand ethical  aspects in key fields of management
  • To gain knowledge of   composition of BODs, corporate culture and corporate governance.
  • Have a clear understanding of meaning and importance of business ethics and its relevance to present corporate world
  • Learn the various important terminology associated with business ethics and personal ethics
  • Gain an insight into  importance of corporate culture and cross culture issues
  • Thorough understanding of composition of BODs, their roles and responsibilities
  • Acquire knowledge regarding the significance of corporate governance and contribution of various committees on corporate governance 
  • Environment and Public Health
  • It is the paper which states the linkages between environment and health, climate change and policies of environment.
  • Better understanding about environment problems.
  • Which gives knowledge about environment.
  • Understanding   about the environment.
  • Understanding   the climate change.
  • Explains about public health.
  • Indian Constitution and Human Rights
  • Students in Indian Constitution and Human Rights will develop knowledge and build upon the constitution.
  • Additional skills such as Rights and Articles, Sections of Indian Constitution.
  • Knowledge related to the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.
  • Interpreting the Laws and its powers and functions.
  • Additional knowledge of Fundamental Rights and Duties too.
  • Additional knowledge of centre and states relationship.
  • Knowledge of Parliamentary system and states legislative functions.
  • Personality Development

              Objectives of this course is:

  • To understand the difference between personality development and self development.
  • To understand the importance of goal setting, time management, interpersonal skills to build a positive personality.
  • To understand difference between ethics and ideals in life so that one can become a role model.
  • How important is to be Self Aware and have Stress management skills.
  • How to stimulate creativity and what is its difference with innovation barriers.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  1. Our graduates will have a strategic understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation and be able to take into account the relationships between this discipline and other areas of business to make holistic judgments when analyzing business situations.
  2. Our graduates will assess the interdependent, fast-changing, and diverse world of entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as global economic/financial interdependencies that signify current geopolitical, economic and financial relationships, to make business decisions that make a difference in the world.
  3. Our graduates will demonstrate critical thinking skills, making the intellectual connection between quantitative and qualitative tools, theories and context to properly and effectively solve problems and make decisions, as well as develop new and innovative business opportunities to strategically navigate the complex demands of the current and dynamic national and international business environments.
  4. Our graduates will utilize interpersonal and leadership skills to be highly effective business managers and leaders; demonstrating self-awareness, emotional intelligence, curiosity, visionary and strategic thinking, teamwork, reflection and knowledge transfer skills.
  5. Our graduates will demonstrate ethical reasoning skills, understand social, civic, and professional responsibilities and aspire to add value to society.
  6. Our graduates will effectively communicate using business specific terminology in written and verbal form and facilitate information flow in a variety of organizational, social, and intercultural contexts.