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BBA & B.Com in Investment Banking Operations Programs

Investment Banking Operations Programs

  • UG MANAGEMENT- BBA with Investment Banking Operations

    • Knowledge Partner: Imarticus Learning

  • UG MANAGEMENT- B.Com with Investment Banking Operations

    • Knowledge Partner: Imarticus Learning

About Investment Banking Operations Programs

  • CIBOP- Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional
  • This program designed for careers in Financial Operations, Capital Market Ops, Treasury and Clearing divisions within an Investment Bank.
  • The Program helps to learn about various Product lines and gain a detailed understanding of the trade lifecycle across products and regions
  • Ideal for Careers in Investment Banking Ops, Finance, Capital Market Ops  and Global Financial Markets
  • Coverage of functions within Investment Banking, thoroughly prepares the students for the CISI IOC Certification Exam
  • Experiential Learning

Why become a Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional?

  • Ranked as the Fastest Career Growth Industry
  • Best Ranked Places to Work
  • Growing Demand
  • Banking Operations Analyst on Monster India – 22,800+ requirements - Nov,2016
  • Financial Analysts on Monster India – 18,130+ postings- Nov, 2016
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