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Krupanidhi Group of Institutions has always been celebrating Christmas festival with ardor and zeal within its 11 acre college premises and this year it was more grand and breathtakingly beautiful. A special assembly is organized on the eve of Christmas, keeping in mind its sanctity and relevance. Krupanidhi is “Home away from Home” for its students and Christmas being the most awaited Festival, the college has celebrated it with flying colors.

With loads of sparkle and glitter all around even the decoration of Christmas is meticulously arranged to suit the occasion. To complement the colossal campus of Krupanidhi; a huge Christmas tree is decorated with small ornaments, stars and gifts. With more than 2,000 students dressed symmetrically in red dress & 100+ faculties’ members along with 50+ supporting staffs at the campus carol songs of Christmas filled the ambience cosmic energies. Krupanidhi family celebrates this day together every year and makes it more special with the personal engagement affair with teachers students as well as the management members.

The talented students had presented an impressive array of programme on the eve of Christmas. As a mark of respect, the inauguration is being done by the beloved Chairman in the presence of Vice Chairperson, Executive Directors, Campus Director and Principals of different group of institution & other prominent political personalities, dignitaries. The festivity came to vivacity by the ether created from love and universal brotherhood of Christmas. Every year Krupanidhi spreads glitziness of Christmas by skits, plays, carols, food, dance, cake cutting & it is not possible by the blessings of Jesus Christ on that day. This vivacious event is sponsored end to end by the management itself, just to ensure the togetherness of the entire Krupanidhi Group.

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