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Center for Excellence

Within just 2 decades into the 21st Century, the world has witnessed a gargantuan level of evolution in the field of science and technology. Digital transformation and technology-enabled innovations have established themselves as the cornerstone for progress in times to come. Every industry and businesses today are looking into strengthening their technological stance and digital presence owing to its limitless possibilities and reach. Firms in every domain today are aiming to stand at the technological frontier for better outcomes leading to a fast paced upward trajectory of technology integration into various sectors. With drones delivering goods and the use of AI in disease diagnosis and robotic surgery, every sector from e-commerce companies to healthcare are prioritizing automation and digital advancement for maximized benefits. The concept of Data analytics for instance, plays a major role in planning and policy making of all levels of government as well as private economic sectors. It is, hence, not only the engineers or the IT professionals but people from widespread domains like banking, health, hospitality, e-commerce even agriculture and more will soon be working in a much more technologically sophisticated environment with advanced tools and systems specially customized for them.
Realizing that the measure of human competence could soon depend upon Technology Quotient, Krupanidhi Group of Institutions has come up with an initiative termed Krupanidhi Center of Excellence. The aim here is to provide a platform for any techno-enthusiasts around the world to up-skill themselves with knowledge of the emerging technologies and tools in their field of choice.
In our quest to deliver the best, Krupanidhi Group of Institutions has collaborated with IBM Career Education Program
The aim is to help students, faculties, alumni, corporate professionals or anyone from any works of life gain the required skills that can make them adept with the latest technology and tools.

Why IBM?

With more than 1, 00,000 IBM certified students in India now, IBM has exceptional presence and expertise in the field of training. Being a company driven by innovation in technology with global presence, their curriculum is developed with Global standards for skill enhancement. Furthermore, IBM content and technology are recognized worldwide and it can open global opportunities for anyone looking to open gateway to global goals.
Our collaboration with IBM is focused on providing experiential learning on emerging technologies with 100+ courses like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber Security and more.
The main USP of the program is that it brings a bunch of benefits to a single learning platform like:
  1. Latest software-contents
  2. Real-world industry experience
  3. Hands-on lab courses and best practices

Highlights of the program

  • Training on 100+ courses for anyone around the globe on areas like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things and more
  • Dual Qualification with a Degree from University and Certificate from IBM
  • Face-to-face training from industry experts on campus
  • Latest and best content on emerging technologies with global certification that is continually updated by experts from the industry as well as IBM global teams.
  • IBM Certificate at the end of the program for all participants who access content online and clear the certification exam
  • IBM Certified Experts conduct training for participants
  • Content available in digital format or physical books for academic institutions
  • Online access to software made available to participants
  • Access to Global Certification for students/ faculty members
  • Continuously evolving technology platform for all to learn anytime anywhere with IBM Experts

Process of Certification

The participants can choose from the vast spread of courses which are carefully structured into different modules with review exams at the end of each and a final time bound test. A minimum of 70% score in the final test is essential for receiving the course certification from IBM.

Benefits of the program

Our world stands at the cusp of what is termed the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” characterized by the progressively blurring distinction between physical, digital and biological spheres. Adaption to concepts wider than books and constant appetite to up-skill is inevitable for professional growth albeit being an established professional or a fresh graduate. In this highly competitive sphere, one must always look and grasp the opportunities that help build proficiency and advance skills.Being teachable determines your success today.
Having a specialization certificate from a globally recognized company in the constantly evolving field of technologies has some distinct advantages like:
  • Extra edge over peers on the latest technologies
  • Option to choose a career path from vast spread of Industries
  • Better employability options and higher productivity from the first job onwards
  • Helps build confidence and accelerate professional career path
  • Personnel with specialisation can command better remuneration packages


A one- time registration fee of Rs. 12,000/- gives you unlimited access to all the 100+ courses available in the platform which wields certification from IBM upon completion.

For more details on the courses please visit https://krupanidhi.skillsnetwork.site/courses

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