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Let me begin by extending a warm welcome to everyone who is interested in becoming part of the Krupanidhi family. The Krupanidhi Trust, a Christian organization, began its successful journey in the year 1985 with a view to provide top quality education to the young bright minds of the country.

Today, the umbrella of institutions under the Krupanidhi Trust includes a Pharmacy college, a Physiotherapy College, a Nursing College, a business school, a degree college, a pre–university college, a residential PU college & an International School under its wings. A dream that started out as a small single structure in Koramangala 30 years ago is now a multicultural, multiethnic institute with an 11–acre campus and more than 6000 students from 20 countries studying at Krupanidhi.

Krupanidhi College has a vision – “We don’t just polish stones, we carve them & make monuments out of them” We at Krupanidhi create the leaders for tomorrow, whether it is in the field of healthcare, the world of business, Information Technology or in the commerce industry. We cater to the teaching and studying needs of students ranging from kindergarteners to postgraduates and even doctorates. The various institutes of Krupanidhi have world class facilities on the campus with excellent atmosphere and world–class ambience. Apart from sophisticated classrooms, the campus houses a fitness centre, a multi cuisine food court, boys and girls hostels, and also has free bus and van shuttle services for the students to travel to and back from the city. Our college campuses are conducive to the development of young minds, overall development of the students, and designed to ensure, academic excellence for each and every student and is comparable with the best in the world.

The faculty of the many departments at Krupanidhi is handpicked to take specialized and personal care of even the average student, and not just the bright ones. Larger lessons are broken down into modules, with each module having its own viva and test, and students are not allowed to proceed to the next module until they score a minimum of 80% for the current module. This system ensures that students are not only stress–free and comfortable but also better prepared when they take their final exams for the academic year.

Our colleges are a microcosm of the world. We have students from over twenty countries from different ethnicities, religions and backgrounds speaking different languages. We provide a secure and open environment that is a catalyst for these young minds to flourish and flower to their full potential. Language classes are specially held for the institutions’ foreign students and other students who find English a challenge to work with. The classes are conducted before the courses begin so as to ensure that the students are able to comprehend lessons as they are being conducted and keep pace with the rest of the class.

We are dynamic. We are a work in progress. Our objective is to keep pace with the rapid evolution, and our endeavour is to bring the same to our classrooms. We see the coming years as an interesting environment for students to be entering the industry, and we aim to prepare them so that they are ready for any challenges that they might face. With our futuristic design and the unique academic space, we at Krupanidhi guarantee that we will fulfill all your dreams and that you will remember the day you chose Krupanidhi College with nothing but sheer love and warmth.

Wishing you all the very best in all times to come.
Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac

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