Please check the below events of Krupanidhi Pre University College

Webinar - Effective Communication Skills

Date : 5th June 2021
Time : 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm
Mode : online
Guest : Suma K Gopal

A webinar on effective communication skills was conducted with the intent to help our students understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication and develop active learning skills. The speaker, Ms Suma k Gopal had shared the secrets of effective communication and made the session very interactive. It was a good take away to all the students which will surely add loads of confidence and hope.

Painting and Article Writing Competition

Date : 16th June 2021
Time : 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm
Mode : online

To encourage student to express art with a purpose, a painting competition and essay writing competition was organized. Students had used their brilliance of painting blended with their perceptions of saving our planet and the lives on it. Our young artist's creativity of displaying the uniqueness and beauty of our earth was truly commendable. In the essay writing competition, students had poured their heart out to express their love for this planet. Students had expressed the need of the hour and it is very happy to understand that this generation of students adds a bright ray of hope to ensure a safe environment.

Online Fashion Show

Date : 28th June 2021
Theme :Panchaboothas
Mode : online

A buzz in the PU department was the fashion week themed 'panchabootha' meaning 5 elements.

The virtual atmosphere was filled with colours and music. The brochure of this event was its own very exciting and dazzling. Students participated with lot of zest and fervour. They all wore tasteful garments in captivating colours and fabric. The collection included wide range of sarees in metallic hues with gripping and unique drapes. Interesting and creative make up and lighting made it even more delightful.

Cultural Day

Date : 24th July 2021
Topic :Eventos Culturales
Mode : online

The cultural committee of Krupanidhi Residential PU college worked to celebrate the cultural diversity in the college by organizing various competitions, events, activities like Mobile photography, Vegetable carving, Salad dressing, Collage Making, Poster Making, Nail Art, T- Shirt painting, Drama(Dance with Act), Classical and Western Dance, Singing, Indian Folk Art, Instagram Reels, Recitation.

The committee provides various opportunities for the students to relax, to enhance their skills and talents. The cultural team works with the objective of developing the academic and cultural talents of the students, improving their capabilities to work as a team. They had taken lot of efforts to plan, to guide, to organize the various events and competitions on a virtual platform without forgoing the spirit of fun and activity. Our Vision was to encourage students in cultural events/ activities/ competitions and to nurture their inner skills.

Though it was a new norm for the organizers to conduct the events on a virtual platform, no stone was left unturned to make the event successful.


The day started with an inaugural function with speech by principal sir Prof. Shyjan, Vice Principal Mrs. Mary Sumathi, lamp lighting and welcome dance by students followed by a plethora of events.

All the teaching faculties were on their heels judging the events. The day packed to its fullest with maximum number of students participating in all the events. It was indeed a day filled with fun, joy and energy.

The winners of the events were announced by evening and our Vice principal Mrs. Mary Sumathi congratulated all the participants on behalf of the entire team of Krupanidhi Residential PU College.

Nail Art- 7 participants

T-Shirt Painting

Vegetable Carving & Salad Dressing- 15 Participants

Mind Power

Date : 18th August 2021
Guest :prof. Sukanya Sandeep
Mode : online

Prof. Sukanya Sandeep, trainer and personality coach. She is an internationally qualified Image consultant. She is specialized in preplacement talks, life skills, employability skills and personality enhancement.

The guest spoke on how to nurture our minds with a positive view, how our subconscious controls all the functions of the body.

She helped our students understand how to get our subconscious mind working:

  1. Through creative visualization
  2. Positive affirmations
  3. Goal settings

The webinar helped our students to understand how to achieve what they wanted and how to accomplish anything using mind power.

Dance Competition (Traditional and Free Style)

Date : 21st August 2021
Theme : Independence Day
Mode : online

With the aim of honing the dancing skills of the students, a solo dance competition was organized by krupanidhi Residential Pu college on the theme of Independence day. The fun filled extravaganza offered classical, traditional and western styles by participants dressed beautifully for the theme allotted. The participants twirled, flipped and jumped their heart out. The participated had even choreographed on their own. The synchronization and presentation of all the dancers was heartwarming.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Date : 3rd September 2021
Mode : Offline

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the part of computer science that are correlated with each other. These two technologies are the most trending technologies which are used for creating intelligent systems. Students of II puc gave a knowledgeable and thought provoking presentation depicting how artificial intelligence can mimic human made thinking power. They had given demonstrations on how it works. They had also shared the scope of studying courses related to AI and ML.

Stress Management

Date : 11th September 2021
GuestMr. Bhavesh Patel Mode : Online

Stress produces numerous physical and mental symptoms.It can produce numerous physical and mental symptoms. And students are one of the most common victims of stress.

With the intent to teach our students to manage stress and cope with their stressors, a webinar was organized.

Our guest had spoken in large on how students need to handle social, academic and daily life stress. He had spoken on important aspects of how to mange time, exercise and get some air, stay positive, organize their academic life ,stop procrastinating, take one step at a time, spend quality time with friends, to do something you love.

Temple Architecture

Date : 29th September 2021
TopicColours on Rock
Mode : Online / Offline

Cave art are the numerous paintings and engravings found in caves and shelters. These paintings depict the life of cave man.

A drawing and article writing competition was held on the topic CAVE PAINTINGS AND PICTOGRAPHS. Students had come out with stunning drawings very similar to the ones found in caves. Students had also come out with excellent study and writing skills of the life of humans in caves.

Let us Hear: Our College

Date : 13th October 2021
Mode : Offline

An elocution competition was conducted by English department in KRPU on the topic OUR COLLEGE. Students had come out very confident to share their opinion of studying in KRPU. Their emotions towards this college were very very heart touching. Students had spoken on their experience in the college, the support they get, the infra structure, motivation and many more things.


Date : 13th November 2021
Mode : Online / Offline

A dance competition was held to encourage the students to bring out their dancing skills. Students were allowed to choose from fusion, classical, western, contemporary styles. The competition started with great zest and excitement. It was judged by well trained and well versed personnel. Participants danced with lot of passion and were enjoying to the core. The lively dances set the floor on the floor with their peppy presentations.

Football League

Date : 10th, 11th November 2021
Mode : Offline

An exhilarating football match was held among different teams. The match attracted many spectators who enjoyed the match with full vigour and excitements. All the teams gave the best of their efforts and displayed their excellent skills and performance.

The captains of the teams exhibited god leadership qualities and the players coordinated beautifully and gave a tough fight to the opponent team, They have been selected Third place. Prizes were given to the best player, trophy for the winners. All the participant players were also given a participating certificate.

Constitution Day

Date : 26th November 2021
Mode : Offline

Krupanidhi Residential P.U College had celebrated the Constitution day (Samvidhan Divas) on Nov 26th 2021.

To cherish the glory and reaffirm our commitment to uphold the ideology of great Indian Constitution all the staff and students of KRPU had taken an oath and read out our preamble. It was indeed a nostalgic feel to all of us to read out the verses of our constitution to commemorate the people who contribute to the development of Indian Constitution. We have conducted Quiz competition nearly 62 students had participated for this event.