Academic Support

Academic Support

The institution is interested to grow the student body in terms of their academic proficiencies. In order that this is acheived, the college provides the following:


All assessment is a perpetual work in progress.

Real exam simulated conditions: Students will be familiarized with real exam situation, while writing the unit tests and the Pre-final practice papers.

Continuous assessment provides an insight into the breadth and depth of student progress. Well designed timely assessments are conducted throughout the year to evaluate the learning of the students.


Feedback to parents: We believe that parents have an important role to play in enabling the excellence of their children. Regular feedback will be provided to parents on attendance and performance levels of their children.

Remedial Classes

Students who have the potential to improve and who have not performed to their optimal capacity in the previous internal tests are identified by each department and urged to undertake remedial classes run by the faculty across the academic year. Each department scrutinizes the marks of classes and having identified these students prepares remedial plans to improve their scores and sharpen their skills such that their final performances in the university examinations shows evidence of the preparations done through the remedial classes.

The Language Lab

The institution has established a well equipped Language Lab run by the English Department. The lab is in keeping with the college’s efforts to cater to the overall skill development of the student community. It runs regular classes to build the language skills of those students who lack confidence and need individual guidance in their spoken and written communication.

The Language Lab at was set up to cater to the language learning needs of our students. It provides them with an opportunity outside the classroom context to take part in computer- based activities. This is to maximise language immersion through the creation of a more attractive learning environment.

The 30 fully equipped stations for the students are connected to a teacher’s console. The students can practice the 4 main language skills namely, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in addition to Grammar exercises.

In addition to this, the Language Lab is equipped with an LCD projector and Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance the teaching learning process through audio-visual material such as PPT’s and text related films.

Value Education

Value education classes are held, during the value education hour by the class mentors in order to inculcate in students ethics, value that will enable them to be achievers in society contributing to its betterment. The value education classes are interactive and students are taught using multimedia aids, videos, group discussion, debates and short stories. The schedule comprised topics such as values, life enrichment skills, interpersonal relationships, personality development, etc.


The Counseling Cell enables students to come to terms with issues and to make healthy decisions affecting their lives. The CC helps to create conditions that will cause students to solve a specific problem or to understand and /or improve her behaviour, character, values and life circumstances.

Mentoring: The faculty will mentor students with their valuable advice that will motivate the student’s and mentally keep them agile.

Anti-Ragging Squad

In keeping with the norms on generating all round student welfare on campus the anti ragging committee has been instituted with the task of monitoring student interactions on campus and the prevention of ragging, to enhance the scope of well being amongst our student community. The Anti Ragging Committee visits all the first year students in their classes to raise awareness as to the strict anti ragging policy of our college. It is reiterated that the college has a zero tolerance policy on ragging.