About Us

About Us


Krupanidhi Pre-University College believes that the basic function of education is to illuminate a great human being, which helps in promoting a peaceful world. The powerful character development with academic excellence is built here up to the highest level of humanity. The primary objective of learning in Gurukul reflects the real forum to make your dreams come true. As the young aspirants, interact with teachers, mentors and counsellors who are an incarnation of love, care, kindness and moral uprightness.

The simpatico atmosphere at Krupanidhi Pre-University College makes the student transform a classroom performance into a top-class performance. The college is well acknowledged statewide for its top-class performance in the PU examinations. The consistent results speak volumes about the efficiency of the staff.

We, provide the students with the best staff as the first component of the Gurukula System is the Guru (Teacher) Students are not treated as soldiers but as friends, so that they get a congenial environment to practice and come out with their hidden talents. Students are counseled to assist them at any point to make educational training, and occupational choices to manage their careers. Our Teachers build up the Guru-shishya bond. This bond is not a mere bunch of activities. It is an attitude built among the members of Krupanidhi students. The motivation that persuades a slow-learner till he learns to work hence the students and parents can be redeemed from the “tuition menace”. We provide training sessions that groom the intra-personal skills and ultimately the overall personality of the future professionals. Our Co-curricular activities will cater to a variety of needs of special interest groups and nurture a wide range of talents. We create an atmosphere that awakens the intellectual curiosity of the youth which goes beyond the need of the curriculum.

The college was established in the year 2002 with the main objectives of developing quality citizens through education and training and raising the dignity of the teaching profession by visionary educationalist Prof. Dr. Suresh Nagpal. The College has all along emphasized the holistic approach and total personality development of pupils, through educational and training programs undertaken based on service and providing dynamic leadership. An ISO 2015 certified Institution, and also certified NAAC accredited group of institutions.