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10 Jul 2021

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DATE: 10/07/2021

No. Of Participants: 215

TIME: 12 noon to 1 pm

Krupanidhi college of Physiotherapy had organized a Awareness program on the Occasion of International day of drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

Poster competition was organized with the theme of “Facts on drugs- SAVE LIFE”. There were 35 participants who had submitted the handmade-posters in PDF format. Each student was provided the stationary set by the NSS unit.

On Saturday- 10th JULY 2021 the virtual program was conducted with 215 participants where the power point presentation about the drug abuse and illicit trafficking was made by the NSS volunteers. There was a small skit put up the NSS volunteers to create the awareness about the ill effects of drug abuse.

In the end of the session, winners for the poster competition were announced by the Dr. Milan Anand, Principal, Krupanidhi College of Physiotherapy, Bangalore.

All the volunteers also took a pledge against drug abuse and its illicit trafficking.

It was a successful event.

Dr. Shivani Jain


Dr. Darshini Thakkar

NSS Co-cordinator

Dr. Milan Anand