Clinical Education

Clinical Education

4 yrs course with 6 months cumpulsory internship. In the 1st yr of graduation,students learn the basic structure and function of human body.

Practical exposure as observants starts in 2nd year, where students learn to use varios physiotherapeutic equipments and hands on techniques.

Clinical visits starts from 3rd year onwards where students attend the inhouse OPD and many renowned hospitals of Bangalore on rotation. Here they start practicing physiotherapeutic manoveurs on patients (under supervision)

In the final year students buid up on their therapeutic skills and are trained to assess and treat the patients independently.

At the end of 4 yrs students are expected to complete 6 month internship in the college appointed hospitals to help them in their placements.

All the post graduate students have to complete 1350 hrs of clinical training (period of 2 yrs) where they treat the patients single handedly with experienced faculty to guide them.


  • Krupanidhi Physiothearpy OPD
  • Narayan Hrudalaya
  • Columbia Asia
  • HAL Hospital
  • Primary health centre in Gunjur
  • Vydehi institutes of medical sciences and research centre