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KrupaPharmaCon 2018

13 Oct 2018


KrupaPharmaCon 2018

Panel Discussion

International Conference on Drug Development and Clinical Research: Current Scenario & Opportunities.

Organised by Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy, Bangalore on 12 & 13 October 2018.

The scientific sessions on both the days culminated into panel discussions that saw high involvement from the audience as they discussed and clarified their doubts relevant to the area of discussion.

The panel discussion on Day 1 was moderated by Prof. Prakash V Mallya, Director and Chief Mentor of Center for Pharmaceutical Professional Advancement. The panel comprising of Prof. James F Jordan, Dr. Roli Mathur, Dr. Atiya R Faruqui, Dr. Palanimuthu Vasanth Raj, School of Pharmacy, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK and Dr. Uma Shankar discussed on the topic “Collaborative Research & Innovation: Good practices & funding opportunities”. The panel deliberated on how to take up research at the most fundamental level and attract funds from funding agencies national and international. They also deliberated on the art and science of writing a good research proposal and improving the chance of your project getting funded.

The Panel Discussion for Day 2 was moderated by Professor Mallya and the panel comprised of Mr. Suresh Sharma, Dr. ThirumalaiVelu, Mr. Anirban Roy Chowdhury, Dr. Ramesh Jagannathan, Dr. Alben Sigamani , Dr. Chanda Kulkarni, Clinical Pharmacologist, Sakara World Hospital, Bengaluru joined especially for the panel, Dr. Ananya Chakraborty and Mr. Bastin Robins. The Panel deliberated on the most relevant question of the hour: “Career opportunities in Clinical Research and Associated fields in Industry”. This drew an enthusiastic participation from the audience.