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Genesis Held in MBA for the batch 2019-2021

05 Aug 2019


Krupanidhi School of Management recently conducted their Orientation and induction program for their new batch. Honorable Dignitaries including our Chairman, Dr Prof Suresh Nagpal, Vice Chairperson Mrs Geetha Nagpal, Director Samuel Paul Isaac, Flagged off the Batch Of MBA Class of 2019-21.Our Chief Guest for Genesis was Mr Nirmal Bhardwaj Founder and CEO Bengaluru Angels and Resurgent .Guests of Honor were Dr Harsha Doddihal Medical Director Oncology at Fortis Hospitals and Apollo hospital and Mr Andrew Cole Managing Director at Mironclean India, the entire flow of genesis and Welcome Address was lead and Orated by Dr Sarita Iyer, Dean Krupanidhi School of management Dean focused on how The Young Freshers have come in with Dreams in their Eyes and The Passion to be the Future Game Changers in The Country.Dr Thomson presented the academic report. Entire Team was being introduced to the students and was interactive as to know each other, Finishing school and its importance was shared as well. MCs for the event were Prof Urmi Chakravorty and Ms Antra Vohra. The orientation was attended by more than 90 students and all faculty and staff members. The Vote of thanks was proposed by The academic coordinator Prof Ramalakshmi Vasudevan. Day two began with mentoring sessions on Non academic topics, starting by Dean Dr Sarita Iyer, Mystique of Life. Prof Ramalakshmi Vasudevan, took a session on Perception and its Importance. She discussed how perception is an intellectual process of transforming sensory stimuli to meaningful Information PPT, Ice breaking and Games were played on the same. Next mentoring was done by Dr. Thomason Goal Setting. the session covered hidden motivations of people, the use of the left and right sides of the brain to take decisions and discussed the SMART goal concept. The need to break down large goals into smaller ones was also elaborated in the session. Students were asked to fill in a sheet where they wrote down their goals with a deadline. Followed by a very interactive yet interesting topic of Games people play by Prof JP Tiwari, where he focused on psychological aspects of human behavior. The day was concluded by a session by the finishing school, Ms Susan took a session on confidence building with various activities and emphasizing more on grammar and its importance. Another Day began with great zeal as it started with a Quiz by Dr Pravesh Soti, the students had loads of fun while guessing the que’s and answering them followed by the quiz, Prof Nivedita took a session on Technology and Future of Jobs The session was designed to create awareness among the students about the changing trends in the job market. It included the modules on primary factors affecting. The objective of the session was to make the students ready to face future challenges posed by different forms of disruptions. Pedagogy used was, Student -centric, social constructivism with the help of power point presentation. Prof Ragavi took up a session on Action, Reaction and Accomplishment. It focused on areas of the goals and strategies to achieve the same. Ms Antra took a session on Motion the Machinery, which emphasised the importance of planning, prioritizing and executing while working within a team. this enabled the students to explore practical examples and adventures involved on the same followed by a Finishing school session by Prof Nilanka chatterjee took glimpses of some innovative activities. Ms Uzma took up a session under the placements department which was called as the Art and science of Creating a First Impression. She emphasized more on body language and industry requirements. Dr Shagufta took a session on TAT which focused on Concept Identification using images Objective of the course. It involves showing ambiguous images and asking students to come up with an explanation for what is happening in the scene Prof Sravan: took up a session on Crytocurrency and Bit Coin. He explained the concepts and study of the cryptocurrency market and types also about Bitcoins and block chain technology. This was followed by a Session By Academic Coordinator Prof Ramalakshmi on Examination, Attendance, Leave Policies followed by a session by finishing school by Prof Urmi on Teaching to the whole child. It was an interactive session. The last two days of the orientation week were delivered by Deepak Justin on personality development which was concluded by a vote of thanks by Ms Antra Vohra.