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07 Aug 2019


In order to celebrate the very essence of beautiful bond of the famous jodis, Kala-Siri the cultural committee of Krupanidhi Degree College organized an event “Twinhacks 2k19”.

“TWINHACKS – 2K19” was organized on 07th august 2019. Students came dressed as various jodis and some wearing same type of attire. The first round was Rampwalk and the second round was Introducing their attire and describe about their partner. The judges of the event were Mr.Jayavardhan, Dr.Srinivasa, Ms.Anusha and Mrs.Sowmya. The winners of the event were Lavanya and Monisha (5th sem BCA), Sahana and Rashmi (3rd sem BBA) and Megha and Poornima (5th sem BBA).

Altogether it was most joyous day of all. All the students and faculty members enjoyed a lot and cherished the moment. Overall it was entertaining event and consequently students enjoyed a lot.