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Graduation Day - Valedicence 2K19

14 Jun 2019


Krupanidhi Degree College had organized Graduation day for the outgoing batch of all PG students on 14th June, 2019 . The chief guest of the occasion was Mrs. Geetha Nagpal, Vice Chairperson KGI. The guest of the event includes Prof P M Shyjan, Dean KDC, Mrs. Sunitha MG, Co-ordinator KDC and Mrs. MarySumathi, Co-ordinator PU College. All the post graduating students in their graduation dress with tassel on their right received the graduation pledge from the dean, prof P M Shyjan. It was a moment that really added charm to the atmosphere with a sense of achievement. Just to make the graduation day more colorful, juniors had dedicated a movie video to seniors capturing the moments spent in their tenure in the college. Students cherished the moments through this soul-stirring video.