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KDC students participating in vivekananda inter collegiate fest

09 Oct 2019

In Order to expose the talents of the students, the Cultural Committee of Krupanidhi Degree College permit students with official permission to attend the Cultural and Academic fest organized by various colleges.

Swamy Vivekananda Rural First Grade College, Chandapura organized the Inter Collegiate Cultural Fest “ATHARV 2019-2020” under the theme “Sirigandha” on 27-09-2019. 10 Students of KDC participated in the event. Mr.Nishanth and Mr.Anshul of 2nd year BBA won 1st prize in the Business Quiz. Ms.Sahana, Ms.Rashmi, Ms.Keerthana, Ms.Ruthuja, Ms.Dhanusha and Ms.Fathima of 2nd year BBA won 1st prize in Fashion show with theme: Unity in diversity (Indian Culture). Apart from academic achievements, our students have been consistently bringing laurels to the college in cultural programs.