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Technical Seminar on IoT (Internet of Things):

04 Mar 2020

“The biggest part of digital transformation is changing the way we think”- simeon preston.

To enhance the knowledge on IOT, Department of BCA, Krupanidhi Degree College has organized ‘One Day Technical Seminar on IOT’ on 4-03-2020. This provided an opportunity for students to step into the current trends in modern IT environment. The resource persons of the day was Mr.K.S.Nagesh Shetty, Principal Advisory Rugged Board and Mr. Gopala Krishna,Technical Head, Competency Development.

Mr. K.S.Nagesh started his technical talk with definition of IOT, the examples of IOT in day to day life. He gave a brief explanation about the Top IOT products available today in market and its market value. He also explained how to make a device smart by implementing IOT without changing the functionality of device. A brief explanation about the business benefits of IOT products was given which let the students to understand its business opportunities. Followed this he gave the detailed explanation about the applications of IOT and the overview of IOT in today’s market. This session is ended up with concepts of why IOT is trending? And the outcome of IOT which made us understands the better career options in IOT. 

The second session was held by the resource person Mr. Gopala Krishna. He started up with the overview of IOT such as definition, products and examples. A detailed explanation about IOT Growth, Following this, the video about applications of IOT was displayed which helps the students to visualize and explore the various aspects of IOT applications and the right aspects of IOT architecture used in IOT Products. The demo about IOT application made the students to deeply understand the working of IOT products and its communication way of the products. He gave the detailed explanation about the protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave , 6LowPan, Thread, WiFi, LoRawan also gave the hands-on experience to the students. This session was ended up with the concept of IOT Cloud platforms and its pricing scenario.