M.Sc - Biotechnology

To explain this branch of Science would be difficult as the uses are varied. But the simplest of the explanation would be to call it technology that is based on the Biology. When it comes to its applications, it is wide spread right from farming crops which are better suited to the environment, for making food with microorganisms like cheese, bread, fighting illnesses and even in generating bio fuels to name a few. At Krupanidhi College we are aware and fully accept the sea change this Department of Science can bring about and hence do not leave any stone unturned while coaching our students.

Commencement Date : July

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Honors in Degree with 50% marks with Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Biochemistry Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics

Course Structure

Krupanidhi Degree College offers 2 years Master of Science in Biotechnology with 4 semesters.

I sem Marks
BTH-101 Cell Biology 100
BTH- 102 Molecular Genetics 100
BTH -103 General 100
BTH- 104 Biochemistry 100
BTS -105 Biostatistics 50
BTP- 106 Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 100
BTP- 107 General Microbiology and Biochemistry 100
II sem Marks
BTH- 201 Enzymology and Biochemical techniques 100
BTH- 202 Immunology and Immuno-technology 100
BTH- 203 Molecular Biology 100
BTH- 204 Environmental Biotechnology 100
BTS- 205 Bioinformatics 50
BTP- 206 Enzymology and Immunology 100
BTP- 207 Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and Environmental Biotechnology 100
III sem Marks
BTH- 301 Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology 100
BTH- 302 Animal Biotechnology 100
BTH- 303 Genetic Engineering 100
BTO- 304 Open Elective : Applied Biotechnology 100
BTP- 305 Plant, Agricultural and Animal Biotechnology 100
BTP- 306 Genetic Engineering and Bioinformatics 100
BTP- 307 Industrial and Institutional Visit Report 50
I sem Marks
BTH- 401 Bioprocess Engineering 100
BTH- 402 Medical Biotechnology 100
BTH- 403 Genomics and Proteomics 100
BTP- 404 Bioprocess Engineering, Medical Biotechnology 100
BTP- 405 Project Work/ Dissertation 100
Project Viva 50

Job opportunities:

Students who have completed M.Sc Biotechnology can work as Research Associates; Quality Control Analysts in various Biotech based companies, Research Institutes and in the Pharmaceutical Industry. They can also work in Quality Analysis,Quality Control, Chemical Research and Bio Information Sectors.

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